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 Maintenance page

As already announced in January, 3DCNCGUITARS ended the sale of its guitars for CNC based on known models.

Customers who bought files until the Christmas promotion will be able to continue buying files for $ 89.90.

I will no longer sell files for software older than the latest version 10.5
If you use an older version because it is out of date or using a pirate, the files will not open.

I had a blog for over 10 years and it still has more information there.

For customers registered in the exclusive customer fields, don't worry about losing access on this page.

You will soon receive emails about updating the guitar you purchased if any.
It is more likely that the next updates will be for when version 11 of Aspire or VCarve comes out.

If you want to learn how to make guitars like I do, contact us by email: sales@3dcncguitars.com

If you want to order a custom model or order kits of the guitar models I own or your own, please send details to: sales@3dcncguitars.com.


 Next products available soon
Files to help you make your own guitars

DXF Parts

VCarve or Aspire files

Toolpath Templates

Neck Generic for Fender Style
and other models too
VCarve or Aspire

3D files in

Make your guitar on VCarve or ASPIRE using your 3D files

See how to modify the desktop or guitar position in double-sided files

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