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Stratocaster 1962

Based on plan.
You will find additional files like a humbucker pickups set, floyd Rose bridge pocket and 24 fretboard version.

SG 100

Based on plan this model is closer enough from a original model.
If you are like this guitar you will have a fun making this guitar on your CNC.

Custom Models

Here you find our models or information ´bout how to order your own guitar.

Guitar files available to



Now Also Double Sided for VCarve or Aspire

Models Organized to

VCarve Pro

Files divided in:
Front - Body
Back - Body
Only Front - Neck
Complete Front - Neck
Neck - Back

Each file has Layers organized in each vector and surface elements.


Order your design quickly

Send a sketch, choose the woods and in 30 days we send your KIT

(This service is now available. Contact us to find out how)