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Buy 1 and get 2

When purchasing a guitar, send a message through PayPal's purchase process,
requesting the second guitar model.

The additional guitar must be of the same or lesser value than the purchased guitar.



 Now Available Standard Necks

See how to modify the desktop or guitar position in double-sided files

see more videos on the How to Use page


All guitars are being tested
All models available already was made for me and customers

Any question before or after purchase 3DCNCGUITARS filesplease read  if your question is already in the FAQs page. If not send your question or opinion filling out the form that is there.
This way we can favor another visitant or customer to have their answer faster and give me more time to work on improvements and make new models.

If you not use Vectric softwares we have an alternative for you


3D elements in STL/OBJ



 Files organized in parts

This makes it easier to use and understand the files.
Otherwise they are very confused

Toolpaths sold separately are made according to each model.
They are meant to be your starting point.

Image from Stratocaster 50 files

Image from Les Paul  Body and Archtop