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Guitars for CNC


The group for classes with VCarve and Aspire is already complete.

Next groups will be shown in the table below.

Click here to make part of the next group!

  • 15 day course
  • Every day you receive a video
  • At the end of every 7 days, you will receive study material
  • Every week a live group room to ask questions (those unable to attend will receive an edited copy)
  • Access to my Telegram for urgent questions
  • At the end of the course each participant will be able to choose one of my guitar models for free 50% Off
  • At the end you will receive a video showing how to make your guitar very easily in Moi3D.
  • 15% Off if you want to buy the Moi3D license
  • Starts December 20th
  • Finish January 3th
  • Max 10 students

(+VAT if you live in the EU)

If you have any questions:

15 days VCarve

Desktop / PRO 11
Next groups in the description below

Upcoming courses

Due to the speed in closing this course and receiving different suggestions
and requests to separate some of the software, the plan for the coming months is
shown below.

The values and dates will be announced in the next hours


15 days VCarve Desktop / PRO 11

(15 videos / 2 live class / Telegram support and instant help / max 10 people)

10 days Moi3D v4

(10 videos / 2 live class / Telegram support and instant help / max 5 people)

4x4 hours live CNC

(making a complete guitar - hands-on training with CNC / max 20 people)


25 days Aspire 11

(30 videos / 3 live class / Telegram support and instant help / max 10 people)


Possible conference in Sacramento CA

Studying the possibility. What do you guys think?

New tool on the way.

From December guitars copied
to perfection.
Models in IGES, OBJ and STL
for any CAM software.
Scanning services for
customer models.

Original guitars already
in hands waiting to be copied:
PRS Carlos Santana
PRS Custom 24
Gibson 345
Stratocaster 65

There are over than 50
new models in coming!!!

Please help me improve service and products

What do you want to find here?

  Guitars for Vectric Aspire or VCarve   Guitars for VCarve and Cut2D Desktop   Guitars for Carveco   Guitars for Fusion 360   DXF and PDF plans   STL or IGES   5-Axis CNC Guitars   None of the above.

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As a thank you for your help, I will give away a complete guitar for Vectric
or in STL format (if using other software) of the winner's choice.


Draw on November 15th.

After voting, please fill in the form clicking here




Attention - important
Please read carefully the notes on the files before buying guitars.

About the models - Terms & Conditions
Download the Sample to try
In addition, I have a YouTube channel in order to provide tips for using the files, which is
already helping a lot of people. Subscribe and leave your like to encourage me to make more videos.

Thank you very much, Alex Navarro



Buy the license with 10% Off

¿!What about Learn to make guitars with 
Moi3D and VCarve!?


Iceman X-Series
Glued Neck


A Strandberg-inspired guitar

Register and get the Jaguar Sample for
VCarve 11
(also open on Aspire 11)
to try the new version OS

You already know the Double Sides (DS) and Front and Back Sides (SS) models.
Now another version for the guitar files
"All in One" (OS)

Features only available for version 11

The two winners will receive the first file to be made available of what
they voted for.
The majority of votes by little difference was "all options", so let's get to work!

Thanks for participating


Carveco Maker

You can pay it for month or year and it price is similar of you will pay to upgrade your Vectric software.

You will ever using the last upgrade not paying nothing more to that!

  • Achtop Top Simulation
  • Achtop Top Toolpaths
  • Achtop Top DXF
  • Body Front screen
  • Achtop Top Relief for Caverco Maker 1
  • Achtop Top Relief for Caverco Maker 2
  • Achtop Top Relief
  • Body Front Relief
  • Body Front Relief2
  • Body Front Toolpaths Simulazao
  • Body Front Toolpaths screen

A little later, at first, I will sell files with only the 3D elements of the guitar so that the toolpaths can be made by the buyer, and later on I will sell files for Fusion 360 complete for both 3 axes and 5 axes.

See above the 3dcncguitars project for a flamenco guitar neck on a 5 axis CNC

each model for $72.20

each model for $68.00