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*united in Adriano Franklin Prol*

*“On the night of Monday 21/02 at around 11pm during a closed event in a Luxury Resort in the city of Cesario Lange, a large fire started, among the seriously injured was our friend bassist Adriano Franklin. "*
As some already know, thank God, the care of an amazing medical team and all the effort of the family, he is already at home recovering, the worst is over and soon he will be back doing yes for all of us.
*He has always been a good guy, of many laughs, great talks and a lot of history and today the family of the BRAZILIAN BUNDLE is joining him for his recovery*
We are starting a fundraising campaign that will be used for various costs during this period of care and recovery, we cannot measure the costs, but we know they are not few, medicines, treatments and of course the bills that don't stop
You can also help, by offering in the life of our friend, through this KEY PIX BELOW.
We want to thank you for your help and ask that you continue to send good vibes for our friend's recovery.
KEY PIX: 110.279.708-18

Report shown on TV

Around 10 years ago Adriano comparing my pickups and a bass


New format on the way. I invite you to get
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Very soon
special for guitars

4 real axis XYZB
Useful dimensions: 50"x25"x6"

List of products that will be available in this next week

  • PDF
  • IGES, STL, LWO, OBJ surfaces
  • Custom orders for guitar manufacturers for 3, 4 and 5 axis machines.
  • Tutorials on VCarve and Cut2D Desktop / VCrave PRO / Aspire / Carveco Maker / Rhino7 / FreeCAD / Mach3 / Moi3D
  • Private lessons on how to make guitars with Moi3D.

Moi3D license
sales with 20% discount

including a basic tutorial + customization + guitar parts library.

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