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On the 1st of September the new guitars
will be available on the Etsy shop.

  • Arzir27 Ibanez
  • John Mayer Silver Sky PRS
  • Ironman Ibanez +3 pickguards
  • ESP Explorer Custom 27" scale
  • ESP Explorer Custom 7 strings 27" scale
  • AK-Andreas 2012 (Sepultura)
  • NBS 7BM 2016

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Each model 85$
Buy 3 of the new models with 20% off!
Save 51.0$
Or buy all 7 models with 50% off!
Save 297.5$

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these sales will be made directly to the
3dcncguitars paypal account.

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Make your own guitar starting from U$50.00



Now 3DCNCGUITARS offers services for luthiers who want to make their own pickups, but without investing in equipment.
NBS Design Pickups was an Alex Navarro brand from 2003 to 2012 at that time made one by hand.
Brazilian musicians known as some of Tagima's endorsers and many studio musicians.

NBS Design stopped its activities for having received a blow from an import company which was a shame because the brand was growing and was already becoming popular among stores throughout Brazil.

Now 3DCNCGUITARS, the current brand
of guitars for CNC, bought the modern equipment
for the manufacture of pickups.

If you want to have custom pickups for your
guitar or bass (wooden cases, aluminum,
plastic, special coils, copper charging to give you
the sound you want, circuit board, preamps,
flatworks, a complete project) get in touch.

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Moi3D license
sales with 10% discount
including a basic tutorial + customization + guitar parts library.

The guitars you find in this website was made on MOI3D

Yes i worked with Rhino 4, 5 and 6 and sure Rhino has more features
and functions, but although Moi is simple compared
to Rhino it’s still very powerful.

If you have previous Rhino experience it won’t take
you more than a couple of minutes to get into
Moi and to integrate it in your workflow.

Moi is also very logical, the tools and the layout
of the interface makes it very user-friendly even
to people who never modeled with Nurbs or never
modeled before on a computer. It’s a tool i can
recommend for experienced professionals and newbies.

Including a basic tutorial about guitars

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