Since 2010 making

Guitars for CNC

I always tell my customers "The easiest thing is to buy CNC"
The hard part is knowing how to create guitars and knowing how to make them.

I present to you the new Tutorial

Make guitars with
Aspire and VCarve

More than 50 videos


U$ 259,

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How to make your own guitar with Aspire 3.5
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When purchasing the complete package I send you access to 7 more Moi3d videos so you can see how this simple and inexpensive software can help you immensely in making your guitar together with Aspire or VCarve.


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Module 1 PART 1-1

  • Introducing about the tutorial
  • Import vectors and make corrections
  • Separate Elements for each layer
  • Separating Top and Bottom Elements
  • Separating Body and Neck
  • Auto vectors from Bitmaps
  • What are we going to use Toolpaths
  • Cutting parameters Feeds and Speeds
  • Tool Box
  • Organization of Tools
  • Organizing Toolpaths
  • Different Ways to Save Toolpahs
  • The important organization of the toolpaths tree

Module 1 PART 2-2

  • Introducing to the drawing on images
  • Making the vector body contorn


  • Main tools to create Surfaces
  • Component Properties
  • Basic Shape Functions
  • Relief on a centerline
  • Basic funtions of 2 Rails Sweep
  • Selection and Cutting Functions
  • Turning a vector
  • Combination of Components
  • Create body with Shape
  • Body relief with cliparts
  • Manipulate Components on both sides
  • Creating Arm rest
  • Creating Arm rest with Cliparts
  • Body chamfer 1, 2 and 3
  • Softbelly relief with center line
  • Softbelly with 2 rails sweep
  • Softbelly with Shape
  • Soft belly with Molding Toolpath
  • Soft belly with Clipart VCarve


  • Pocket neck
  • Angled Pocket Neck with 2 rails sweep
  • Angled pocket neck with Clipart
  • Neck Profile from images
  • Making the shape of the neck
  • A easy way joint the ends of the neck
  • Making a neck on Aspire
  • A way to make shape neck on VCarve
  • Making a complete guitar neck with Aspire 10 or upper


  • Archtops Aspire
  • Dish top style on Aspire part 1
  • Dish top style on Aspire part 2
  • Archtop on VCarve
  • Archtop on Moi3D


  • Makng the body
  • Making the Neck
  • Making the Fretboard
  • Making the Covers
  • Making the Jigs
  • My way to machining my guitars


  • Before start my job
  • Refining your toolpaths
  • My way to machining
  • How to match both sides
  • GCodes with long notes
  • Stubborn edges - Guitar Moi3D
  • The conception behind the arched top guitars


  • Importing and organizing vectors
  • Fixing the DXF lines
  • Making the body surface on Moi3D
  • Rounded Edge on Moi3D
  • How to organize the elements on Moi3D
  • Drawing under images on Moi3D
  • An Easy Way to Make Guitars with Moi3D & VCarve PRO


  • part1
  • part2
  • part3
  • part4
  • part5
  • part6
  • part7
  • part8
  • part9
  • part10 -easy necks on Rhino

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