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Guitars for CNC


Popular Models

$109.00 SS
$ 129.00 DS
$139.00 DS+ (only 11)
$159.00 OS (only 11)

Metal Models

$89.00 SS
$109.00 DS

Acoustics Models

$149.00 SS
$169.00 DS
$189.00 DS+ (only 11)
$209.00 OS (only 11)

Start prices for custom orders

$299.00 Standard
$499.00 Special orders
* $2999.00 for factories
*Aspire, VCarve, Fusion, RhinoCAM
3 or 5 axis
Also to send projects to China or South Korea

Guitar for Kids

$89,00 DS


SS to DS $29.90
SS to OS $ 39.90 
DS 10.5 to DS+ 11 $13.90
DS 10.5 to OS 11 $29.90

Prices with discounts from 20% to 45% discount until December 27th

Send pics and videos from your 3DCNCGUITARS files
And get
50% to buy your next project

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Guitar devices in coming

New tool on the way.

Original guitars already in hands waiting to be copied:
PRS Carlos Santana, PRS Custom 24, Gibson 345, 347, Stratocaster 65

There are over than 50 new models in coming!!!


Attention - important
Please read carefully the notes on the files before buying guitars.

About the models - Terms & Conditions
Download the Sample to try
In addition, I have a YouTube channel in order to provide tips for using the files, which is
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Thank you very much, Alex Navarro



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¿!What about Learn to make guitars with 
Moi3D and VCarve!?


Iceman X-Series
Glued Neck


A Strandberg-inspired guitar

You already know the Double Sides (DS) and Front and Back Sides (SS) models.
Now another version for the guitar files
"All in One" (OS)

Features only available for 

VCarve or Aspire

The two winners will receive the first file to be made available of what
they voted for.
The majority of votes by little difference was "all options", so let's get to work!

Thanks for participating