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10.5 Guitar 

Packages with a minimum of 5 models at half price


  • Ensure that there are no support requests for checking or modifying files for outdated versions.
  • Such modifications can be safely made by yourself with an intermediate knowledge of Aspire or VCarve.
  • You will not have access to files updated to the latest versions.

Don't you have an updated or licensed version?
 You can choose to buy the Tutorial
"Everything I know about guitars on Aspire and VCarve"

With this tutorial you learn everything you need to make your guitars in Aspire and VCarve
Buy the guitars separate elements and assemble them yourself.

Below a list of the guitars available for Aspire or VCarve Pro 10.5

Choose at least 5 guitars.
Each guitar cost US$65.00

  • Choosing 5 models the value will be 325 dollars.
  • 5% discount for additional models

If you are a resident of Europe, VAT


Send your list after the payment

These files are sent manually and it can take up to 12 hours to receive all the models.
Remember that this sale does not include support where there are file modifications.