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Ordering Custom Files

The files are organized so that each side is in a separate file.
This assures that you not find a confusing file with dozens of layers, vectors, surfaces and toolpaths.
These files receive the paths with the bits, speeds, point of origin and size of the work area according to your request.

As soon as you buy your guitar in the Custom Files version, you receive a form to send us and after that you will receive your file ready within 24 hours.
You will be entitled to a modification of cutters and after that, each modification in the file will cost you US $ 30.00.

Below a video with a brief explanation of the Custom files are.


File details

The files are separated into parts and front and back

This makes it easier to use and understand the files.
Otherwise they are very confused, but if it is the wish of those who buy them, he can put everything in one or even adapt all the parts to be machined in a large CNC area.

Toolpaths are made according to each model.

When purchasing the guitar file that you will customize your machining, you receive along with a form files with sample toolpaths.
There you will have them as a reference and you can even use or adapt them while waiting for your personalized files to be sent to you.

Toolpaths Templates sold separately

As a standard, milling cutters are the most common and made with a reduced number of sizes to make it easier for those who do not have much bit diversity yet.
For those who are already used to machining on their CNC, it will be easy to understand the operating mode used in the files and will begin (if they wish) to modify, increase or even replace the toolpaths.

The speeds by standard is slow and the step over and plunge steps are minimal, thinking about the safety of the user and the care with more fragile machines.

Make initial tests and observe the behavior of the bit movements and make the necessary changes.

Toolpath Templates


 You can see how the Toolpaths Templates are
Download this guitar in the Sample page

Ask for professional toolpaths

Suitable for those who will produce many copies of the same model and need to automate as much as possible.
Minimum order value of $ 599.

Guitar files without toolpaths

Buy the files:

1 . only DXF arranged in layers
2. DXF arranged in layers and reliefs
3. Buy Toolpaths Templates to import into your file, choose your bits and speeds.

Watch tutorial videos on how to do this and more on the "How to use" page.

Terms & Conditions

Read carefully before finalizing the purchase

The models are made under PDF plans purchased from some known luthier template sites.

Most of those plants are not perfect copies and this file followed the measurements of one of these plants.

The purpose of 3dcncguitars is not to offer guitars to be removed from the CNC as exact copies of the originals, but rather to offer a simpler way (usually guitar manufacturer who is beginning on CNC) to begin using and understanding as a guide to create your own guitars.


After sending the files and a possible disagreement with the material received, there will be no refund.
The material sent is digital and once sent, any cancellation of your purchase will be denied.
 3DCNCGUITARS makes every effort to ensure that the contents of the files are clear enough. We have information, videos and a test guitar for your evaluation.
If there is any doubt, don't hesitate to ask.

Please don’t buy any guitar files until you have tried our sample and are 100% satisfied.

The models are based on PDF plans

  • Some aspects are difficult to keep exactly from original models for different reasons.
  • One of the reasons is because these plans are not always too close from original and some times there are lack of information.
  • Other point is that the same model made in different factories, series and year also show some different .
  • And obviously the main point is about copyright.
  • After your evaluation and sure that the 3DCNCGUITAR files are what you are looking for, go to the page of the model you wish buy, choose between the options available, choose the payment method and wait receive link to download your files.
  • You will before this, receive a file with some information and the time to delivery
  • The time to receive the files is until 6 hours.
  • The files are prepared for each customer, then we need some hours to do it.  

The files open on any Vectric Softwares