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Guitars for CNC

About the models

Note on approximate guitar measurements

  • All measurements are approximates only.
  • Double check everything.
  • Tuner spacing needs to be matched to selectd tuners for the project.
  • Positions are approx only.
  • Bridges positions should be calculated from actual fretboard and final nut position.
  • The bridge position shown in only a guide for approx position.


3dcncguitars models are made under PDF plans purchased from some known luthier template sites.
Most of these plants are not perfect copies and this file followed the measurements of one of these plans.
The purpose of 3dcncguitars is not to offer guitars to be removed from the CNC as exact copies of the
originals, but rather to offer a simpler way (usually guitar manufacturer who is starting to use a CNC)
to start using and understanding how it works create and machine your guitars.
3DCNCGUITARS offer guitar files at a affordable price so that everyone, amateurs or professionals can
have this experience.

Very soon you will find guitars for the Software below 

Artcam's successor needs no introduction.
Now much more affordable with monthly and yearly plans makes everyone's old wish come true to have everything Artcam had and then some.
The cool thing is that Carveco Maker has everything you need to machine your guitar.
It has a great advantage over VCarve in several aspects and just to mention two of them: The possibility to import as many 3D objects as you want with the option to decide the exact angle of their position and the possibility to choose the desired initial and final height for your 3D machining.
The plan costs 15$ monthly only and you have 14 days to try it!
There is the Carveco Plus which resembles the Aspire for 50$ monthly.
You can pay monthly fees for Carveco Plus to create surfaces and migrate to Carveco Maker while only needing the machining resources.
Explore more about Carveco by clicking on its logo.

Click to go to the developers

File prices for Carveco will be between 50 to 150 dollars depending on model and machining complexity.

Sample Jaguar
Try the Jaguar for Carveco Maker
Jaguar Sample for carveco Maker (34.43MB)
Sample Jaguar
Try the Jaguar for Carveco Maker
Jaguar Sample for carveco Maker (34.43MB)

FreeCad is a powerful and free CAM software for the most demanding luthiers with its production quality.
Files will only be prepared on request for 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machining.
Click on the logo to go to the FreeCAD website.

Prices for files in FreCAD will be between 250 and 500 dollars depending on the complexity of the machining.

The new formats available on the store allow you assemble any guitar in the list on Vectric softwar. See how below

Importing DXF If you want to buy only the vect

Importing Toolpath Templates

Importing components

Truss rods for Vectric and Artcam

The 2 ways truss rod vectors from StewMac dimensions are including

You can buy it or order different truss rod styles separatelly.

Toolpaths for Vectric

As a standard, milling cutters are the most common and made with a reduced number of sizes to make it easier for those who do not have much bit diversity yet.
For those who already used to machining on their CNC, it will be easy to understand the operating mode used in the files and will begin (if they wish) to modify, increase or even replace the toolpaths.

The speeds by standard is slow and the step over and plunge steps are minimal, thinking about the safety of the user and the care with more fragile machines.

Make initial tests and observe the behavior of the bit movements and make the necessary changes.

Bit list:
EndMill - 0.028" (fret slots) / 0.03126" (fine inlays) / 0.125" / 0.1874" / 0.25" / 0.5"
BallNose - 0.125" / 0.25" / 0.5"
V-Bit - 20º 0.125" / 60º 0.25" (marcs)

Some bits may vary depending on the needs of each model.

Toolpaths are sold separatelly

Surfaces for Vectric

  • The surfaces for VCarve and Aspire are in "STL" format and are exclusively for creating combined machining using vectors for cut, drill and cut machining.
  • The surfaces don't have any pockets so you can be free to make them however you want.
  • You can make them in Aspire with "Shapes" in Modeling and in VCarve using the ClipArts of 3D Tabs.

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