Since 2010 making

Guitars for CNC


If you have already purchased at least 3 3dcncguitars files... will can buy up to 10 next models for only 49,90 each.


(complete guitars for VCarve or Aspire with the current price out of any promotion - prices for SS and DS )


If you have never purchased any 3dcncguitars files... can buy the next 10 models at 20% discount.



The Guitar plans to being made:
Andreas Smith
Emperor Fodera 5
StingRay 5
Rickimbacker 4001
Punisher Dean + Axis Jackson Gene Simmons
JEM 7 strings
JEM 8 strings
Deam ML Curstom
Tom Morello
Strandberg 6 and 7 strings
Strandberg 4 strings bass
and 20 more models!

"The models above are not in an order. The next models will surely be those from Gibson, Fender and Ibanez."

All models are available for versions
10.507, 10.512 and 10.514.


If your preference is for previous models,

many of the models were made in version 8.5.

  • Models made from 2020 were all made for version 10.507 / 10.512
  • Models made in 2021 are for v10.514
  • If your version is older than 10.5 you will receive the files that must be converted to 8.5 within a few days.
  • I will still offer the Toolpath Templates for version 10.5 so you can use them when you upgrade your software.


The update files are always for the new version.



Buying process

After your payment you will be directed to a page where you will have a form to be filled out.


There you will choose the version of the Vectric you want, inform if you have already bought guitars and what they were, among other important questions to continue the download process.

"Don't worry that you will not be asked for personal information and any permission to use it for advertising media."

You will receive along with the files your discount codes to use as you like when purchasing future guitars.
You don't have to worry about the purchase deadline. There will be discounts that can be used whenever you want and for whichever guitar model you want.


Other offers that may interest you

Available for versions 10.507, 10.512 and 10.514
* Models made in 2021 are for v10.514, if your version is older, uploading the files may take a few days.

each model for $72.20

each model for $68.00

each model for $63.73

each model for $59.50