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Guitars for CNC


This guitar was based a Cadillac Plan, but it isn´t
a copy from an original Dean Cadillac.

This model was adapted to be easy to machining
on your CNC with simple, but useful toolpaths.
The neck was changed to screwed neck.

Anyway you can adapt the neck to be glued if you
want, but you need have knowledge on lutherie
and VCarve/Aspire to do this.

Nut: 1.692" (43mm)
12º fret: 2.066" (52.5mm)
Scale: 24.75" (629mm)

Front and Back (SS)

Double Sided (DS)

Choose your files

Available for VCarve or Aspire 10.514

  • Double Sided Version - DS
  • Front & Back Version - SS
  • DXF - vectors adapted and divided on layers for any CAM software.
  • * Vectric 3D - it is a file where you have only the guitar components.
    There ar not vectors, toolpaths and instructions.

The components are available in Double Sided (except to 8.5)
This files also are available to open on VCarve or Aspire 8.5 and 9.5. In this case, ask for it in the field "Add special instructions for seller"