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Here is the space where you will find updates for your guitar.
For each update software, improvements and problem fixed from reported for you, here is the place to download.

Some times some guitar receive a new complements and it will be here to you download it too.

If you bought some 3DCNCGUITARS for us recently you must received an update password to give you access to open the zipped files relacionad with your purchase.

If you still haven`t an update password for your guitar, please contact us and we will send you your password.

  • To install the updates you will need a password that you received after you purchase your guitar.
  • Each guitar model have it exclusive password
  • If you still not received, please request it clicking here.

How it works?

This first week the updates files are being placed some models by day.

Below are the pages with restricted access to customers. Choose an option.

Fender / Gibson / Ibanez / PRS / Rickembacker / BC Rich / Charvel / Jackson / Music Man / Others

To install the updates you will need a password that you received after you purchase your guitar.
If you still not received your password, please request on the model guitar above.

After your request or inviting email you will registered manually by the admin to have access to your guitar model update page.

  1. It isn´t necessary do one request for each guitar that you bought. Once found your registered there is possible see any models you already bought. If you bought different models with different PayPal accounts or another payment method, you need send they also.
  2. It´s important at least one purchase ID (order number) if not your request will be denied or your request can delay some days to receive the access.

You will receive your WinRAR files (sent just in WinRAR).

  1. After download it, open it and there you will see notepad files with important information and an executable file.
  2. It´s possible your Antivirus get it as threat because they aren´t registered in their system. This exe will not damage your computer. Follow giving it allow to install.
  3. It will show you the license terms, click OK and insert the password.
    Done, your files are installed.

Folders and Subfolders

  1. Folders and subfolders will be created.
                                  Guitar Name/
  3. Keep your guitar files into their folders to future Updates
  4. To the next updates the new files will be istalled in the folder name Updates.
  5. The files in the 3DCNCGUITARS/Guitar Name will not be changed or deleted, but "pay attention" if you will do an "upgrade" the files will substitute the files for new ones. It´s recommended that if you wish keep your files safe, change their name or save in another subfolder.
  6. The guitars available to "upgrade" are in this link.
  7. You´ll find more details in Installing & Updating.txt

Go to the Customer Area
To register and get your updates

Customer Area