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Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions received by email.

Do your files open in other software?
The files were made for use with Vectric software, but we have available STL reliefs and DXF vectors for sale.
With these formats you can open in other software.

How do I use your guitar in another software?
All CAM software opens STL and DXF, a few instead of STL work better with IGES.

Can I manipulate the files however I want?
You can change a lot of things in the file like changing the shape of the body, the headstock, models and positions of the pickups, fret distances among others, but all within the limits of the guitar that you have acquired.
If you have Aspire and know how to manipulate its 3d elements, it will be easier, but some things are more difficult to modify and one of them is the shape of the back of the neck.

Are the measurements in inches or millimetres?
As a standard guitars are made in millimetres. Some guitars are also available in inches.
You will find on each information page of a guitar if it is also available in inches.
If you are a Vectric user, the conversion from one unit to another can be done automatically by choosing the desired option in the job settings window.

Will I easily find the cutters used in your files?
Yes, bits are the most common and found in any store.
The toolpaths are standardized with bits in inches, usually 0.125, 0.25 and 0.5 inches.
The bits used come from the table in the Tool Today store that you can also download the data tool importing the tools into your Tool Box.

The bits are different from the ones I have.
I don't know how to modify it and I'm afraid to do something wrong.
Could you modify the bits to the sizes I have?
Yes, the cutters can be exchanged for the ones you have.
If you want to do it yourself, see this video tutorial that shows how simple it is to do it. The video is in the link below.
20.90 is charged for the change of cutters.
To exchange of cutters
+ Set: Spindle Speed, Feed Rates, Plunge Rate, Pass Depth, Stepover, Tool numbers  is charged U$ 31.40.
Click here to request changes.

I would like to change the position of the guitar on my desktop, but some things are not working.
How should I do this?

If you want to do it yourself, see this video tutorial that shows how simple it is to do it.
If you prefer that this be done for you, on this same page you will have the option to purchase for this service. After purchasing, go back to the page and fill the form with the necessary data for your files to be made.

The speeds are very low, the Step Pass and Plunge steps could be more.
Is there any reason for that?

Toolpaths are made in a way that can serve the vast majority of machines.
Some machines are strong and used by experienced people however there are others with weak CNC or even people with little or no knowledge on CNC and thus the toolpaths are made to offer security to the user of the files avoiding the breaking of bits or damage to the wood or CNC.
You can modify anything you want including changing the bits to the ones you normally use and in case you don't have experience, do a previous experiment in cheap wood, experiment and adjust the speeds.

Why aren't toolpaths more detailed?
The toolpaths are designed to serve beginner to advanced.
Toolpaths are a starting point.

The toolpaths on the back of the neck should not be more complete?
The machining of the neck at the front is quite complete, so the back we try to do not only machining under a block of wood, but also under specific areas in order to improve and speed up the process.
Many prefer to cut their necks before machining and these toolpaths were made for this purpose.
Anyway there is a lot that can be added, but each guitar manufacturer has its own way of working and it is impossible to make generic toolpaths that can suit everyone.

I machined both sides and one side was out.
Your jig must be well aligned so that when the wood is flipped, the cuts coincide. On the tips page there are suggestions on how to do it.
3DCNCGUITARS does not undertake to offer machining solutions for your guitar nor technical support on the use of software and CNC, but provides some videos that can help to make your first guitars in a simpler way.
Within the customer area, tips and files are sent weekly that can help to make these cuts on both sides if they coincide with other information that may be of interest to customers.

Can I order a machining specially for my CNC and my bits?
Yes. We offer the guitar file along with toolpaths specially made for your machine.
We send the files with the units and workspace as requested by the customer.
We also offer templates for your two-sided machining to be perfect.
To do this, enter this link for more information and prices.

Do you have files for fusion?
We offer the 3d files for Fusion in IGES format.
These files are made to work with 3-axis machines, that is, areas called 2.5D are seen.

Click the link to see details. If you are looking for 3D files click here

I don't have version 10.5 and neither version 8.5.
If your version of Aspire or VCarve is between 9 to 10, your option will be to buy for version 8.5
We keep previous versions made in Vcarve 7.5 + Cut3D and Aspire 3.5 for some guitars.
If your software is earlier than version 8.5, write asking for it.
Later on when you have the new version, you can upgrade if you wish.

I want 3d files of the guitar and not 2.5D, do you have to sell?
We have a good part of our guitars and some are being prepared.
The complexity of making a guitar completely in 3D is at least three times the time of a 2.5D. The 2.5D reliefs are sufficient for machining in 3 axes, however there is a demand for these files for artistic purposes and there is also a growing increase in the use of 5 axis machines.
On the information pages of each guitar there is an image indicating whether that guitar has a 3D version as well.
If the guitar you want does not have the 3d version, send an email to request it and we will make it available as soon as possible.

Customer´s area

The Customers Area is where each one (according to the models they have already purchased) will have access to the pages of file updates, access to some additional files (when available), special prices for new models and orders.
Some tips are already available to anyone who visits the 3DCNCGUITARS website, just go to the Tips & Tricks page.
You can suggest topics for the next tips or even send yours to put in the Customers Area.
More tips on how to modify, improve and even make your own guitar will also be posted.


Buying a guitar files you get update free.
Usually for each Vectric update I improve the files with some new resource or I fix issues reported by customers.
Some times a customer ask for a additional toolpath, new pocket, binding, different shape neck, edge borders on the body, etc, I available them as update for my customer.
Before it was made manually, but now the new website has it on the Members area.

What is the difference between Upgrades and Updates?

Upgrade is the complete change of guitar files to a more current version.
The upgrade is paid, but in some cases it can be free.

Update is when all or part of a guitar undergoes some improvement or correction.
There may also be cases where a bonus file is added to the files. Sometimes, customer suggestions are made to add or improve a guitar and then this additional file is offered to everyone with the model.

The update in most cases is not done on all guitar files. It can be a small change in a toolpath, vector, information in your note or even a total change.

Do all guitars have updates?
No, updates occur when something is implemented, improved or fixed.
Sometimes extra files are added like a neck with a different shape or fretborad with another radius.
As of the launch of this site (end of September 2020) all guitars are being revised and all modifications will be available for download in the customer area.

How do I access updates?
Register in the Customer Area, in a few hours you will receive your approval.
You will have access to the pages like updates, videos tips and possibly extra files of the guitars you bought.

Didn't find your answer?
Write to us and we will post it here.