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Firebird Studio Version 1

This guitar was based on a generic Firebird model.

It is a not exactly copy from a specific model and it name is V1 (version 1) because it will receive some additional variations as bonus that they will be V1.2 and V1.3.

These variations you will have access for them on the Customer Area page as free.

Later a second model based on a Firebird ´70 will be available and this second model will be closer the original.

The Version 2 will be a new model and not to upgrade.
But who buy the version 1 will can buy the Version 2 with 50% Off.


  • Body height: 40mm - 1.75"
  • 1º fret neck height (including fretboard) 17.96mm
  • 12º fret neck height 21.40mm 
  • Fretboard height: 5mm
  • fretboard radius: 304.80mm - 12"
  • Scale: 628.72mm - 24.75"
  • Nut: 43mm - 
  • 12º fret: 50.60mm
  • Heel neck: 56.50mm
  • Headstock angled: 13º


  • Standard headstock
  • '70 headstock with plate cover for gearless tune keys
  • Standard controls pocket on the top side
  • Optional controls on the bottom side