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Guitars for CNC


This is where clients and I put our results using the 3DCNCGUITARS files.

You can send photos or videos, write comments about how the experience went, whether or not you made changes to the toolpaths, pass on any tips, etc.

This page is being prepared.
If you want to participate send photos of the guitar ready or being made and your data.
You can take advantage of this space to place a link to your web page and make a short presentation.

For now, below are some of the works done by Alex Navarro.
Basses and guitars made on Aspire, VCarve, Moi3D, Rhino, Artcam.

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  • Frente1
  • 02-Exotic_completo
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Projetc ordered by: Jair / Seize Tagima

  • Image from Aspire
    Image from Aspire
  • Prototype
  • Image from Rhino 4
    Image from Rhino 4
  • Simulation on Aspire
    Simulation on Aspire
  • Image from Rhino 4
    Image from Rhino 4
  • Guitar publi1
    Guitar publi1
  • Guitar publi2
    Guitar publi2
  • Guitar publi3
    Guitar publi3

Prototype ordered by Bass Mods

Inlays ordered by Joan Alarcon

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  • 2021-05-28 08-30-50