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Guitars for CNC

Keep your guitar files safe and up to date

 Would you like to be notified that there are updates for your guitars to recent versions and even receive them in a shared folder?
Sign up for the plan below.

For receiving daily requests for the resending of lost files
now you can keep safe
your files in a folder inside 3DCNCGUITARS.

What is offered?

Your files will always be there.

✅If there is any upgrade or renewal of software
versions the files will be sent to your folder
without deleting the originals and
you will be notified.

✅ Any bonus files related to your guitars
can be added to the folders.

✅You will get 5GB of space to keep them and save modified files.

✅The space is yours to use as you wish.

✅You can block access the folders if you wish,
but the update folders must be kept open.

Common questions

How many space will I have?
(enough for a little over 10 guitars)

How much does this cost?

$38.30 per year

CLICK HERE to request your subscription

How do I purchase this service?

 The process is the same as buying a guitar from at the store.

✅ Just click buy and the plan will be active next.

✅ The process for validating and preparing
your folder can take until 24 hours.

✅ It will be verified which models you have already
purchased and each guitar will be
organized in different folders.

✅ After everything is ready you will receive a
notification and informative material on how to use it.

Is this service really safe?

✅  To increase the security of your files.

✅  They will have an additional copy stored on another place.

5GB is enough for at least 10 guitar models.

If you purchase or have already purchased
more than 10 guitars,
you will receive an additional
of space for each guitar.

Can I just keep a folder with my files safe?

Yes, you can have a folder with download links for your
original files in a shared folder with you that will always be there.



CLICK HERE to request your subscription