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Choose your guitar and start to play your dreams!

See how to modify the desktop or guitar position in double-sided files

All guitars are being tested
All models available already was made for me and customers, but sometimes someone report about something is not passing well with the toolpaths.
Now you will not have only images from simulations, but also all toolpaths tried and recorded for you be sure that they works perfectly..

Any question before or after purchase 3DCNCGUITARS filesplease read  if your question is already in the FAQs page. If not send your question or opinion filling out the form that is there.
This way we can favor another visitant or customer to have their answer faster and give me more time to work on improvements and make new models.

This is a page with guitars made for CNC that has been online since 2010

Initially the models were sold for the Artcam and RhinoCAM software, but with the popularization, great prices and the ease of use of the Vectric software, from 2016 the guitars started to be offered only to the AspireVCarveCut2d and Cut3d.

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If you not use Vectric softwares we have an alternative for you


3D elements in STL/OBJ



If you are just looking for guitar files to have fun hours with your CNC
click on this link to see guitar versions for hobbyists.


Simplified guitars, but with potential

Here you will find guitars made in simpler ways so that an experienced luthier, but beginner on CNC or even an aspiring guitar maker can take your first steps.


Files organized in parts

This makes it easier to use and understand the files.
Otherwise they are very confused

Toolpaths are made according to each model.
They are meant to be your starting point.

Image from Stratocaster 50 files

Image from Les Paul 59 Body and Archtop

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