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How to make or adapt your 3DCNCGUITARS files

Here you can see tips to change or adapt your files.

Below you can see how you can improvement or adapt the files for your bits and CNC sizes.

Also if you buy only DXF and STL below is a video showing how to open they on your Vectric software.

Importing Toolpath Templates

See how to modify the work area or guitar position in double-sided files

How convert your single side files in a Double Sided



A Double Sided finished example 

How to rotate your guitar Vectric Softwares

Converting mm to Inches - Vectric Softwares

How to use STL and DXF - Vectric Softwares

Importing DXF into VCarve or Aspire

How to organize DXF+STL

Modifying Toolpaths

Toolpaths are usable, but standardized with our safe bits, steps and speeds.
They can be used or adapted for your tools.
For that it is very simple and just following this video will be enough to understand the process.
However, for a better understanding of toolpaths, it is recommended that you watch the Vectric tutorials on their website.

A way to hold the neck with angled headstock

Tips to you machining angled headstock with Slices method

A easy way to match both sides

If you want make few copies, you can make a simple jig to make easy both sides match.
Keep the pins on the table, 2 or 4 pins as you wish.
The size of pins will be better if they are 1/2 or 5/8.

Hold the blank woods on the cyan base to put and remove easy it from CNC. Once you finish the back side you flip the wood hold it matching with the points of the screws, but if you have enough wood to use it as substitute for the cyan base you will make it easier.

Ho to match both sides

If you will produce many copies of a model, is recommended that you develop a great jig. 

Body (front) Jig

Body (back) Jig

Front neck

Front neck angled

Back Neck angled

Match both sides Gallery