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JEM Hibrid (Vai & Gilbert)

This guitar was made with some creative freedom.
It is not copied from any original models, but based on a generic JEM plan similar from those cheap series.
Bolt on neck, no voluta or any other complication factor this model is ideal for those wishing to make this model with an easy way. 

Scale: 648mm - 25 1/2
Nut: 43mm - 1 11/16
12 fret: 52mm - 2 3/64
Headstock: 14º
Body: 44.45mm  - 1.77
1º fret thickness: 14mm - 0.551"
12º fret thickness 15mm - 0.590"
C shape

Note: The thickness of the neck was followed sizes from an original guitar just a little more thicker.
Look that this neck has not voluta.
The standard necks from cheap versions usually has 16mm or 18mm.
Remember that this model was based on 2 different Ibanez models and the developer felt free to adapt the model to be make the CNC experience for beginners easy.

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