Since 2010 making

Guitars for CNC


The guitars you find in this website was made on MOI3D

Yes i worked with Rhino 4, 5 and 6 and sure Rhino has more features

and functions, but although Moi is simple compared

to Rhino it’s still very powerful.

If you have previous Rhino experience it won’t take

you more than a couple of minutes to get into

Moi and to integrate it in your workflow.

Moi is also very logical, the tools and the layout

of the interface makes it very user-friendly even

to people who never modeled with Nurbs or never

modeled before on a computer. It’s a tool i can

recommend for experienced professionals and newbies.


Now the Moi3D restrict area for license buyers is available.
There are Tips, Files and Tutorials

If your country has any tax on purchases such as European Union countries (IVA), an invoice will be sent to your email for payment of the tax.
In the case of IVA, the additional cost is 37 euros.

Visit the Moi3D website