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Guitars for CNC

Sign up for plans to buy a
onthly Guitar at an incredible price.

To enter the plan are U$110 to receive the first guitar and then you can choose a guitar every 30 days

for just U$55.

To enter the plan are $ 110 to receive the first guitar and then you can choose a guitar every 30 days for just 50.

To join the plan and start to benefit from Your "Complete Monthly Guitar"
it is

=You will not be able to ask a model before the month is due.
=Models should be just what is in the list of available models

=Do not send a list of templates you want to receive each month. Place your ask at each cycle of the Plan.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The enrollment for the plans has no fixed permanence and no additional charge.

How are the guitar models that I will receive?

You will receive the complete model made in VCarve 10.5 that will open without any problem in VCarve Desktop or Aspire in its latest version.

The models are in the full version

Body, neck files divided in front and back

1 body front
2 body back
3 neck front without fretboard
4 complete front neck
5 neck back
6 Fretboard
+Vectors organized


  • Eventually you also can receive a Double Sided version if it is available.
  • When you can, look at the update page to see if your model was updated. Keep your password to have access to directly download.

Previous versions of VCarve or Aspire

New Models are being made only on current version (10.5).

Before signing up for this Plan, choose the modes you wish to receive.

The files to current versions are always being updated and their vectors, toolpaths and others are more complete than before.