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Guitars for CNC

Monthly Guitar Panel

Join the monthly plan to pick up a guitar a month for just $65.

The minimum plan is 3 months and will be automatically updated every cycle.

The subscriber can cancel the subscription at any time. Once cancelled, we will notify you immediately and no charge will be made to the subscriber.
Payments are made at the beginning of the billing cycle.

If you cancel your subscription before the end of a cycle.

The $65 value is exclusive to the 3-month plan.

In case of non-payment of the difference in value, the purchase of any adjacent models is impossible until the bill is paid.

Models can be SS and DS versions.
Not all models have DS versions and I ask you to find out exactly which model you want to choose and if the DS version is available for that one.

The OS version doesn't include the Monthly Guitar plan, but you can pay an extra 29.90 to upgrade to it.

Most versions are available for VCarve or Aspire 10.5 and 11.
If you use a previous version that the chosen guitar is not listed with its version. We ask you to give us 2 weeks notice so that we can make it available in your version of Vectric.

  • SS - Front and Back files (usually 5 files)
  • DS - Double Sided files (usually 3 files)
  • OS - All in One (completely guitar in just one file)

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