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Guitars for CNC

Special Order

It is a project where it is possible to take advantage of ready-made guitar elements, making simple modifications to them.

What are simple modifications?
There are modifications in the headstock and body contours, position of the pickups, modification of inlays (not complex and with design provided by the client).
The toolpaths are simplified as well as the Fender Jaguar guitar provided for free on the About the Models page.
These toolpaths will serve as a base for you to use and adapt them to your bits, size and position on the CNC base.
To make the Standard model, we create the vectors based on your sketch, but the reliefs we take from our stock and they can be part from another guitar or generic parts already done.
To the Standard order there are not any surfaces customized.
If your guitar is different those standard models having some exclusive design your option is the Custom Order.

Standard Order for VCarve/Aspire/Carveco Maker 127.50€
(incl. IVA)

It is a totally exclusive order with all dimensions
made on the sketch provided by you.

How to order my custom guitar?
Send to sketch, reference images, vectors or what you thing enough to understand you project.

The amount varies according to the complexity
of the job based on the number of hours worked.

The initial price for electric guitars:

for VCarve/Aspire/Carveco Maker 509,80€
Only stl, lwo, obj, iges and dxf 339.90

The initial price for acoustic guitars
for VCarve/Aspire/Carveco Maker 849,60€
Only stl, lwo, obj, iges and dxf 679.70

(incl. IVA)

How to pay and delivery time

We'll ask 1/3 of the total cost to start the project.
Another 1/3 to start the 3D finishing after your evaluation. Then the rest of payment before send the complete material.

The estimative is a minimum 3 weeks,
to 2 months as the maximum.

The time to delivery depending directly of the complexity of your project.