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PRS generic 24 

Nut: (1.692") - 43.0mm
12º fret: (2.058") - 51.52mm
Heel: (2.181") - 55.4mm
Scale: (25.5") 648mm
Body: (1.81") 46mm
Headstock angled: 10º
1º fret thickness: (0.791") 20.1mm
12º fret thickness: (0.881") 22.4mm
Fretboard thickness: (0.236") 6mm
Fretboard radius: 10"

This guitar was made keeping the main curves on the surfaces of the PRS guitars so you can use these files to make your own version of PRS.
Machine the guitar like this or after CNC work the edges or top as you wish.
There are some models that change the body a little and with this model you can make other body styles.
This model is not used to make the Custom model.
If you want to make a custom one, click here.

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