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Randy Rhoads

A guitar model for CNC based on a Randy Rhoads screwed or glued neck standard included voluta.

This guitar was based on a 2D plan.

3DCNCGUITARS buy good plans on the internet to convert them into 3d guitars to be machined on CNC, but these plans are closer to the guitars but not an exact copy from the original models.

Also because old guitars are hard to find one that matches with another, except after 90´ models.
The guitar files have their dimensions and aspects are very close to the originals but do not think that you will buy this file and take from the CNC an exact model as the original one.

Nut: 42.67mm
12º fret: 52.26mm
Heel: 56.64mm
Scale: (25.5") 648mm
Body: (1.75") 44.6mm
Headstock angled: 12º
1º fret thickness: 13.4mm
12º fret thickness: 14.68mm
Fretboard thickness: 6.26mmFretboard radius: compound radius 10" to 16"

Floyd Rose pockets available

Request a 10.5 version

The files already contain simplified toolpaths. So you can use them as a starting point for your own toolpaths.
Be aware that this material is not intended for amateurs.
It is very important that you know how to make guitars.

If you are new to Aspire, VCarve and CNC, it will be important to have a basic understanding of this or you may not be able to use these files properly and could damage your materials or CNC.
Anyway, you can use these files to understand more about how it works and take advantage of the preset machining to learn more.

3DCNCGUITARS has been making guitars for CNC since 2010 and this file is part of their popular guitar collection with over 50 guitars.


3DCNCGUITARS gives no support on difficulties to use Aspire or VCarve Desktop and PRO.
For that you can watch videos with a lot of tips to manipulate and improve your guitar files. (YouTube channel 3dcncguitars)
Any doubt about lack of knowledge on the softwares, CNC or build guitars machining techniques will be ignored.
Problems with the files (if have), we will contact you ASAP.
3DCNCGUITARS does not provide files for Aspire or VCarve 10.5 and 9.5 .
If you do not have the last version, you can buy the vectors, toolpath templates and reliefs separately.

3DCNCGUITARS / NBSDESIGN are the authors of this file.


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