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The purpose of 3dcncguitars is not to offer guitars to be removed from the CNC as exact copies of the originals, but rather to offer a simpler way (usually guitar manufacturer who is starting to use a CNC) to start using and understanding how it works and being a guide  to they start to create your own guitars.

The models are made under PDF plans purchased from some known luthier template sites.
Most of those plants are not perfect copies and this file followed the measurements of one of these plants


Please don’t buy any guitar files until you have tried our sample and are 100% satisfied.


The models are based on PDF plans

Some aspects are difficult to keep exactly from original models for different reasons.
One of the reasons is because these plans are not always too close from original and some times there are lack of information.
Other point is that the same model made in different factories, series and year also show some different .
And obviously the main point is about copyright.