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Guitars for CNC

Terms and Conditions

Read carefully before finalizing the purchase

The purpose of 3dcncguitars is not to offer guitars to be removed from the CNC as exact copies of the originals, but rather to offer a simpler way (usually guitar manufacturer who is starting to use a CNC) to start using and understanding how it works and being a guide  to they start to create your own guitars.

"These vectors and surfaces are mostly made from blueprints of guitars bought from luthiers, but with their curves redone (because they all come very bad you must know), many lines unnecessary for a CNC project are eliminated, resized to the exact size in scale and prepared for more efficient cutting of bits also Extra machining areas under surfaces are also included"

I guarantee you that no projects on the internet are exact replicas of the originals and in the same way my vectors will not be an exact copy of the original, but I try to make it as close as possible.
If you want a perfect copy I recommend that you copy one yourself in your hands.
The intention of these vectors is to provide you with a guitar within its main features.
The vectors in this DXF are separated between body, neck and scale.
They are made to open in any CAM software.
These guitar DXF files are not cut blueprints although you can arrange them to do so. But that will be your choice.
It is important to note that you are fully responsible for how you use these vectors in your software.
3dcncguitars will not support these files in any way.
Review the images well and be sure of the purchase before making it.
Whether you have read this or not will not change these information, terms and conditions in any way.
Your lack of knowledge in the use of these files will in no way void your purchase.
Once the files are downloaded, your money will not be refunded for any reason.