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This guitar model was based on an old Gibson Theodore model from 1957.

This model was made following the manufacturer's specifications, forum suggestions and images.
Probably if you put one under the other there will be differences in its contour, but it's close enough to have a guitar very similar to the original.

The files are only available for VCarve and Aspire 11.
This guitar files does not open in versions 10.5 or earlier.

If you want to have it in previous versions you can buy the vectors and surfaces that are available in the store.

Nut: 42.86mm (1.687")
12º fret: 53.24mm (2.096")
Hell neck: 57.96mm (2.282")
Fretboard radius: 304.8mm (12")
Scale: 628 mm (24.72" in)
angled headstock: 17º
Body depth: 38.1mm (1.5")

Images from Moi3D