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How to make or adapt your 3DCNCGUITARS files

 Here you find some videos in the most of cases to help those bought my files and others can help anyone.

Modifying Toolpaths Aspire or VCarve Vectric

How to modify the workspace of your 3DCNCGUITARS file VCarve or Aspire

A way how to make necks with Aspire 10.5 with the Double Sided version Part 1

An experience making inlays on the curved surfaces


VCARVE PRO A way to do shape neck


VCARVE Vectric A way to do Guitar Archtop using Moulding Toolpath

Changing bits

How convert your single side files in a Double Sided

Coming soon


A Double Sided finished example 
Coming soon


How to rotate your guitar Vectric Softwares


Converting mm to Inches - Vectric Softwares


How to use STL and DXF - Vectric Softwares

Importing DXF into VCarve or Aspire
Coming soon


How to organize DXF+STL
Coming soon