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How to make guitars with
Aspire and VCarve 11
is Done!

There are 40 videos that will teach you every tool that you need to
make your own guitars either on Aspire or Vcarve
You will find there some tips on Moi3D too!


How to make your guitar with Moi3D


How Make Your Own Guitar with Aspire 3.5

Now this pack is included in the new Make your Guitar with VCarve and Aspire

Video shows all the steps of creating a guitar in Aspire. The version of Aspire is 3.5

The guitar is completely made on Aspire resources. It is not done nothing out of the Aspire. All that can be seen in the video, was created within the software.

This video is revealing and nothing is hidden. You really learn to make your guitar.
The video has subtitles in English

The guitar is the same file generated during the video.
The guitar made during the video was based on an Ibanez model but to show resources from Aspire some aspect was modified.
This is important for you analyze all aspects of construction and results.