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Wolfgang Standard

Based on a Wolfgang guitar with some images references.
There are many variations of this model and here is available a standard model.

Soon a new model with archtop and angled neck also will be available.

Nut: 1.71" (43.45mm)
12º fret:  2.07" (52.64mm)
22º fret: 2.217" (56.33mm)
Scale: 25.5" (647.7mm)
Radius: 12" (304.8mm)
Neck thickness: 7874" (20.0mm)
1º fret thickness neck: 0.634" (16.1mm)
12º fret thickness neck: 0.673" (17.1mm)
Fretboard thickness: 0.22" (5.6mm)
Body thickness: 1.799" (45.7mm)

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