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Let's to see what is the difference on the new version 11

This file is an update from version 10.5 Double Sided to version 11.0

For now, Vectric does not offer us in this new version something that, for us luthiers, is different from the 10.5.

The best feature of the new version is the possibility of having a more refined finish in the same toolpath file.
Other than that, we have the possibility to work with different sheets with different dimensions and tool paths.
Previously in previous versions this was possible, but you couldn't change the desktop and toolpaths cluttered.
To use the version with multiple sheets and all the parts in one file, it is not enough to make a modification to the file from the previous version, but to redo it completely.
For this reason the guitar files in the OS (All in One) version are sold separately as the SS (Front and Back sides) is distinct from the DS (Double Sided).

This present update (version 11.0 DS) is available for those who purchased the same version of 10.5.

For new buyers it is just as good as before. You will receive the latest version and future updates will be available for free on the customer page.