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A Guitar From Scratch on Moi3D



A complete guide showing how to copy a real guitar

Video available on the Youtube
Channel: @3dcncguitars

US$ 10.00

After the payment you will able to download a guide to have access to a folder where I will be uploading materials to study with the videos.
With each video upped more materials in the folder.

So you pay only US$10 for access and when you receive notification of a new video, you already know that there are more things to download in the folder.

At the end of the series " A Guitar from the Scratch" I will give a 50% discount on the purchase of the Kramer Assault guitar complete in 3D and ready for your software (Aspire, VCarve, Carveco Maker and Artcam).
"The sale of this will be reverted to the creation of more videos for the channel"



  • Copying the guitar in hands
  • Use of simple and inexpensive meter set
  • Transferring measurements to Moi3D
  • Organizing vectors into layers and layer groups
  • Creation of the body, neck, fretboard and top
  • Export to different formats
  • Discounts for those who have already purchased the complete package of tutorials Make your Guitar in VCarve or Aspire.