Gibson Explorer Bass 1984 4 stringsVCarve Aspire 11.554

This guitar was based on an original instruments in hand, but it is closer and not an exact copy from the original.
The guitar files have their dimensions and aspects are very close to the originals but you will not take it from the CNC an exact model as the original one.


Scale 34"
Radius 9.5"
Nut 1.58"
Body 1.4"

Files including simple toolpaths
Toolpaths are simple but useful to machining this guitars.
They was setted to be securty to the most of CNC, but is advised that you check each one before to machining your best woods.
Files and bits are in inches and there are not to many bit size variations. The bit are common and easy to find in the most of stores.

Body double sided file
Neck double sided file

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Some guitars in the list have not VCarve version. Look at in the top of this page if this guitar will open on your software.

This guitar will not open on Aspire / VCarve 10.5 or previous