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ES 335

for VCarve or Aspire

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ES335 winner is

Here is the winner of the draw for the guitar chosen by you.
The winner will receive the files by email.
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Updates guitar files to


In coming also for

Carveco Maker

  • Achtop Top Simulation
  • Achtop Top Toolpaths
  • Achtop Top DXF
  • Body Front screen
  • Achtop Top Relief for Caverco Maker 1
  • Achtop Top Relief for Caverco Maker 2
  • Achtop Top Relief
  • Body Front Relief
  • Body Front Relief2
  • Body Front Toolpaths Simulazao
  • Body Front Toolpaths screen

A little later, at first, I will sell files with only the 3D elements of the guitar so that the toolpaths can be made by the buyer, and later on I will sell files for Fusion 360 complete for both 3 axes and 5 axes.

See above the 3dcncguitars project for a flamenco guitar neck on a 5 axis CNC

"There is a possibility I could create a file sharing group for this."


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Limited time offer (until my sanity returns)

Files for VCarve or Aspire 


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each model for $72.20

each model for $68.00

each model for $63.73

each model for $59.50

 Buy credits in advance for upcoming models
and get them at an incredible value.

Moi3D Tutorial Video Modules


This video is a promotion of my modules to teach how to make guitars with Moi3D

The video feature is splitting and mesh smoothing as well as Rhinoceros' T-Splines but sometimes easier to use without requiring any prior professionalization in the software as Moi3D is very intuitive.
There are still several other ways to make guitars with features that are also in modules that are almost ready.

Blend, Network, Sweep Rails, Loft are other ways to make your guitar and it's very important to know how to use them all as each guitar will require a different one or combinations between them.

Keep an eye on the channel's videos or on the website in the news feed to

find out what's new.

Already available for V10.5 Double Sided

In July with 20% Off

RAZOR Double Sided (DS) Available
Update your Single Sided (SS) for only $19

For VCarve or Aspire 8 / 10 / 11 

 Now also available in DXF and 3D components for Vcarve or Aspire 10.0

In the each model page you will choose the version you want
Double Sided, Front & Back, DXF and Vectric 3d Components

New Models Available for VCarve/Aspire Double Sided

Next models



Free project for
Vectric Community

Devices & Jigs

The guitar models that you see in this website was made on MOI3D

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This month you get a free guitar model when you buy lisence with 3dcncguitars.

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