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In this week JEM PIA and JEM 7V

Register and get the Jaguar Sample for
VCarve 11
(also open on Aspire 11)
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You already know the Double Sides (DS) and Front and Back Sides (SS) models.
Now another version for the guitar files
"All in One" (OS)

Features only available for version 11

Help me decide and on the 30th of this month I will give away an exclusive guitar out of the catalog for one of you.
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..Carveco Maker.
There are many more machining resources, more drawing features, you can export how many 3D elements you wish, you also can export them in mesh format and more!

You can pay it for month or year and it price is similar of you will pay to upgrade your Vectric software.

You will ever using the last upgrade not paying nothing more to that!

  • Achtop Top Simulation
  • Achtop Top Toolpaths
  • Achtop Top DXF
  • Body Front screen
  • Achtop Top Relief for Caverco Maker 1
  • Achtop Top Relief for Caverco Maker 2
  • Achtop Top Relief
  • Body Front Relief
  • Body Front Relief2
  • Body Front Toolpaths Simulazao
  • Body Front Toolpaths screen

A little later, at first, I will sell files with only the 3D elements of the guitar so that the toolpaths can be made by the buyer, and later on I will sell files for Fusion 360 complete for both 3 axes and 5 axes.

See above the 3dcncguitars project for a flamenco guitar neck on a 5 axis CNC


each model for $72.20

each model for $68.00

each model for $63.73

each model for $59.50

The guitar models that you see in this website are made with MOI3D

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