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  JEM 7 strings   Music Man StingRay 5 bass   ES335

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The guitar on video was changed to Les Paul Junior 1957

See what the "Vectric 3D Components" files look like

For VCarve or Aspire 10.5 (last update)

 Now also available in DXF and 3D components for Vcarve or Aspire 10.0

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Double Sided, Front & Back, DXF and Vectric 3d Components

New Models Available for VCarve/Aspire Double Sided

Randy Rhoads

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JEM 7 strings
ES 335
Sting Ray 5 strings

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Aspire 4.5 / VCarve 8.5 or later.

See video below of what these files look like

The monthly guitar plan has been removed.

For those who are already in the plan, don't worry, it will keep working until the end of this year, but for those who are returning interested in joining the plan, it is no longer possible.


The guitar models that you see in this website was made on MOI3D

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