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Les Paul 60' Golden Top Archtop

This guitar was based on 2 Les Paul plans and maintains its original aspects to the fullest.
It is close to an old model from the early 60's.

The archtop was based on a Golden Top.

You can glue that neck or screw it.

Neck angled 4.2º
Headstock angled 17º

Nut: 42.67mm 1,679"
12º fret: 52.6mm 2,070"
Heel: 57mm 2,244"
Scale: (25.5") 648mm
Body: (1,685") 42.8mm
Archtop: 15.73mm 0.62"
Archtop + Binding: 17.61mm 0,693"
Headstock angled: 17º
1º fret thickness: 16.3mm 0,6417"
12º fret thickness: 18.3mm 0,720"
Fretboard thickness: 5.7 mm 0,224"
Fretboard radius: 12"

Les Paul 60' 2022

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Screwed neck version
Simulation from complete model (not available for sale yet)

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